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To Be Our Supplier


Resellers Through The Bizcode Network

Our team across 37 countries can connect you to the right resellers & consumers. We have had the honour of working with an array of industry-leading suppliers. Our network of resellers is ever-growing and we could be a valuable addition to any Supplier looking to establish themselves in the South East Asian market.

Our Local Distribution Partners

We prepare the marketing collateral for your retail store, giving the products the best chance of attracting customers.

Time & Resource Saving

Remove the need for any third-party services and allow our team to handle all the communications with local distributors and resellers. We connect you to them and help distributors understand the products and how our suppliers would like the goods to be marketed.

Distribution Data Support

Bizcode’s online platform allows our suppliers to check personal sales records and obtain distribution data support.

Suppliers can also launch products that are more in line with market requirements based on the data

To Be Our Supplier